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PG 58

PG 58



Persons Of Outré Puissance ------ Remember the old school Saturday morning cartoons? The ones with people that fell into vats of toxic waste and got super powers? And evil scientists that are trying to take over the world? Well try changing it to kids that are sold containers of nuclear waste, being passed off as vitamin drinks and candy. And that evil scientist? Well he isn't trying to take over the world. He's just having some fun. Oh yeah, and that seeing through walls and super speed stuff? Change that to spider jizz and talking to pineapples. WARNINGS: None yet, but this space may come in handy later... UPDATES: Whenever we want it to.


Hello Again

Oh the slim chance that we still have loyal followers, awaiting the day we return, I have come to say that P.O.O.P! is still a thing we care about!

Due to recent events, I have suddenly become hyper-intrested in getting this comic back from the brink! However, this process involves a total revamp. So, It may not appear here soon, but there is a lot of activity going down behind the scenes.

I hope that whom ever may read this bears with us! We will be back!

Posted by CannibalisticKiwi @ Jan 03 2012 11:24 pm
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Hey gaiz

Alright, if any of you remember this comic (its been so long since last update) or read these then you probably know that the two working on this are highschool students.

WELP- yeah, it started a couple months back and were drowning in work and junk~ so yeah...

Apologies for the slow updates and all- hopefully soon we can get more pages up and have them be sexier then ever!

once again- sorry xD

Posted by CannibalisticKiwi @ Oct 23 2010 10:41 am
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So Kiwi and I (Fox) are determined to follow through on MARCH MADNESS!~

The goal is to upload a total of 31 pages in the 31 days of March~ :D

Kiwi and I are switching between P.O.O.P. and The City is at War --->

SO whatever little bit of fans we have, look forward to a LOT of updating.
With both of us doing 31 pages each, we'll have 62 pages together for our comics :'D


Posted by FabulousFox @ Feb 28 2010 07:54 pm
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Its a new year...

So we have a new banner! HOORAH!


ANYWAYS, Our New Years Resolution is to post at least TWO pages PER WEEK! WISH US LUCK! (well, wish ME luck... I'm sure Fox won't have any problems keeping this resolution xD)

Posted by CannibalisticKiwi @ Jan 01 2010 05:22 pm
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Every 45 minutes I hear that god awful ringing

The ringing of the school bell that is...

Soooo, HI THAR~ School just started for FabulousFox and I. We so far, have been doing fairly good (more so, I have been doing fairly good) with the posting of pages. Fox has been working double to keep me on the ball too x-x

ANYWAY, I am ALREADY behind on school work and need to focus on that. I'm not sure about Fox's homework schedule but hopefully we will be able to keep out decent posting streak going.

OH, AND WE HAVE ANOTHER FAN :'D -rejoice- Thank you to her~ (and all (both) of our fans at that) WE'LL BE WORKIN WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES AS OUR INSPIRATION!

Posted by CannibalisticKiwi @ Sep 12 2009 05:43 pm
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So, yeah, this comic is a collaboration between myself (CannibalisticKiwi) and FabulousFox. We are planning on taking turns posting and stuff like that.

We are both NEW to this whole posting thing and web-comics... so if I get kinda 'excitable' please forgive me...

P.O.O.P. still needs some site adjustments, layout tweaks, and shiz like that. Its gonna look kinda... sucky 'till then. BUT IGNORE LAYOUT, THIS WEB-COMIC HAS POTENTIAL! ANY HELP WOULD BE LOVED TO BITS (as would ALL FANS)!

(god i don't like writing these)

Posted by CannibalisticKiwi @ Aug 04 2009 02:04 am
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