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Sep 12 2009 05:43 pm

Every 45 minutes I hear that god awful ringing

The ringing of the school bell that is...

Soooo, HI THAR~ School just started for FabulousFox and I. We so far, have been doing fairly good (more so, I have been doing fairly good) with the posting of pages. Fox has been working double to keep me on the ball too x-x

ANYWAY, I am ALREADY behind on school work and need to focus on that. I'm not sure about Fox's homework schedule but hopefully we will be able to keep out decent posting streak going.

OH, AND WE HAVE ANOTHER FAN :'D -rejoice- Thank you to her~ (and all (both) of our fans at that) WE'LL BE WORKIN WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES AS OUR INSPIRATION!


Synchro593, Sep 14 2009 04:13 pm

avatar Woo! LOL, thanks. School work is important too, even if the grading system is pretty much totally FUBAR. Good luck you guys! I'll keep checking back every now and again... I mean, it's not like I don't visit the site on a regular basis or anything. ^^;

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